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It all makes sense now...

I finally understand it.

Look to the pyramid of the all seeing eye. This is it. This is where all my spiritual knowledge converges.

E pluribus unum. "From one, many".

Look at the pyramid, at the top of the scale. That is godhood. From it, all of reality converges. All of reality is created. From the top to bottom. And from bottom to top, all of resources are fed, it sustains the rest of the order.

From "one currency", many. There was never a plan to create a single currency to phase others, but the convergence of one currency into many others.

THIS is why I always ignored bitcoin (aside from the Satoshi Nakamoto = CIA in Japanese), yet XRP shined like no other.

We're onto something lads, hold on to yourselves, this ride will be like no other. A plan that has been discussed since before 1913 is taking place.

I will perhaps let you in a few discussions that may be worth more than all xrp you have, believe it or not. Having the means to evolve is one thing, doing so is something else entirely.

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