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How can you all live with yourselves for spending your lives in front of a screen instead of contributing to society?

How does it feel knowing that you just got lucky and no matter how much money you have you will always be a worthless NEET?

Make something of yourselves.

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i made 10.25k today
10k from btc
.25k from wagecucking
its days like this that remind me we live in clown world

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I'm so confident ill be a millionaire by the end of 2021-2022 that I want to quit my wage slave engineer job and move to Russia and various other parts of Europe, living months at a time and learning the local languages, meeting locals etc. I can't tell anymore if I'm mentally ill or everyone else around me is a fucking retard that plans on working everyday until they die. I feel guilty that I'm going to be so fucking rich shortly and I can live like a NEET the rest of my life

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>>24476452 not just drugs anon
Crypto freaks

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Why hasn't crypto been banned yet?

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I'm a poor fag,
My stacks are
0.25eth (Before this spastic run I had 2.6 through swing trading but I bought alt coins)
3.2k LITion
594k Unit Protocol (COL)
50k Libertas

Will any of these pump significantly in the upcoming run (aside Eth)? Also is there any exchanges about where I don't have to KYC? I want to invest more money before the market really moons. Got a good feeling about this current run and I don't want to miss out.

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You dumb Pajeets do not realize that your retarded shitcoin is obsolete. There are only dumb money investors trying to sell it to even dumber money investors. Everything is based on greater fool theory without any final buyer with a real utility for it. There is no company or Bob who needs it for anything making its death is inevitable.

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