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As an ICP investor, I feel very comfy.

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>In comments shared on Twitter, Coinbase CEO and founder Brian Armstrong said the exchange had “no risk of bankruptcy,” and that the disclosure was made due to new rules set by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission regarding public companies that hold crypto assets on behalf of others.

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Good morning biz, I'm about to drop 10k on an etf (to fill up my tax free savings account). ARKK or ARKG or anything else you guys would suggest in particular? Should I diversify or just stick it in one?

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4chan doesn't want me to hurt your feelings. You are made of SöY. Definitely not based.

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>Circulating Supply
1,224,999,438 / 10,000,000,000
It will take much longer than 5 years, anon

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I need a 90x how will I cope

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Maybe the next Boltzmann Brain containing me reading this thread also contains the perception of hot 2d waifus walking into the room... It has to happen eventually right?

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OKAI is launching a 1B project at under 10m fully diluted market cap. Personally throwing a few ETH into it for a make it stack.

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don't leave and just multitask. get multiple monitors.

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you can do a home gym for 1-2k ez and get basically everything you'd ever want. if you haven't been lifting long all you need is a cage, barbell, bench(adjustable), and a bit of weights and you have plenty of time to add on later with the first addition being a pullup bar if you cant get a cage tall enough to accommodate it to begin with. that by itself is like 1k.

the other thing to consider is you're 18 and probably retarded so put the rest in bitcoin/eth 50/50 and ignore it until you're not completely retarded at around age 25, if you're lucky your 25 year old less retarded self will conclude to let it ride until you're a 30 year old boomer and even less retarded at that point.

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Got a bag of 10 sleepies, see you kings in the citadel

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i have really mixed feelings about this guy and some of the things he does are hyper cringe reddit virtue signaling behaviors, but at the same time i get the impression hes seen some shit and money is basically a meme to him so he knows that the only things that really matter in life are his personal connections with other human beans. in this way hes transcended giving a shit that part of his personality is inherently reddit cringe and just embraces it.

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The time to buy an island is now. Together we shall pool our money and create the great Kingdom of Based. All societal hierarchies shall be determined by your respective number of linkies

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as long as you're not actively being a huge gay retard or falling for obvious scams you should remember that its unlikely your fake internet money will be stolen.

that said
>always verify binaries when downloading new software, if they are not provided be skeptical. don't be lazy.
>use a separate computer from what you normally use for your fake internet money when making transactions
>get a trezor, or multiple hardware wallets if you have very large holdings
>if you have extremely large holdings its worth considering casa if you want someone to walk you through all the possible ways your fake internet money can plausibly be stolen
>either engrave your key on metal split into pieces or just buy a cryptosteel thing
>consider shamir secret sharing if you are worried about physical security - its on the trezor wiki google it
>consider encoding your seed in the manner of your choosing so that it is otherwise not available in cleartext for an intruder to quickly figure out what it is
>if you do not want a hardware wallet fresh install linux offline, generate keys offline, and sign transactions on this laptop and never connect it to the internet, effectively making it a hardware wallet. you then take the signed transactions to a separate computer and publish it to the chain thus ensuring (or making it more likely, there are never guarantees) your private keys are never on a network enabled device

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Become honorary burger colony and get on our schedule, fren

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fucking checked that's bullshit tho

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y-you too

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Pearls before swine

Go on op

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If you ask an easy question to 100 different people who have a monetary incentive to tell the truth and monetary sanctions if they fail to, you are 100% sure to get the right information, not 99%, 100%.
This 100% certainty has a lot when contracts involving large sums of money are involved, some people would rather pay a large sum of money for 100% certainty than to take a 0.1% risk

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Definitely true. MGTOW is the biggest BS fud of all. Don't listen to it. Having children is LITERALLY one of your primary functions as a human and one of the greatest joys (not fleeting dopamine but actual true meaningfulness) you can experience. Getting a good girl just takes time and effort and getting out of your comfort zone and being ready to take a lot of rejection no matter how "chad" you are.

Anyone who is sincerely MGTOW from their own experience with women rather than just "muh marriage lose all my money" is a retard who FOMO'd into a relationship with a girl with red flags they ignored - or a 3+ bodycount - and wants everyone else to be miserable like them. Try online dating if you haven't anon, it works and keeps the odds on your side as much as they can be (1% rather than 0.0001%) it's just very tedious

and good luck to you!

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