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Unless you are absolutely loaded and buying something in a swank neighborhood in a few select global cities like London, NYC etc house prices are hideously inflated because the boomers owning them are still living in la la land and haven't realized that their McMansion in the suburbs of Boise is worth only a fraction of what they think it is

Once the boomer mass die-off starts and they realize they don't have much more time to waste their childrens' inheritance on cruises and such the rush for the door will happen as they dump real estate for more liquid assets like stocks (where part 2 of the fleecing of financially illiterate boomers begins, stock prices have been hideously inflated through buy-backs etc precisely in anticipation of this so billionaires, insiders and board members can dump on the boomers) and prices will crater

As I said this doesn't count for fancy places in hot cities because there will always be some Arab sheikh, Russian oligarch or Chinese money launderer willing to pay anything. As for the rest, wait until the boomercaust

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