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How to save money on food:

>order delivery
>if male driver, cancel order, get refund
>if female driver, don't cancel, get food

Wallah. Now you have controlled your diet and saved money in the process.

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>Fuck Spicks
>Fuck Chinks
>Fuck Niggers
>Fuck Jews
>And most importantly
>Fuck Jannies
>Turn 360 and leave

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>it is highly illegal

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50 years old, and an unmarried fat rich* loser with no kids and will die alone
We all die alone, and having kids is not worth the trouble in this current(and future) state of the world.
>have fun
Oh I will.

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>struggling people in a dirt-poor country were given a rare opportunity to more easily achieve financial freedom
>got to fuck over the horridly corrupt govt in doing so, since their fuck up caused the glitch anyways

Yes, it is fine.

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>pajeet scam
I'll be copypasting this from another thread.

Everything surrounding the token itself (contract having no vulnerability or mint function, liquidity being locked for 28 days) is legitimate and immutable. The only real risk of getting in now would be for holders to act like retards by dumping following the PnD formula. However, the chance of a panic selling wave is significantly lower than other memecoins/scams since most holders are OTHER ANONS who found the token here. There was no promotion in discord servers or trannygram channels. I'm not baiting when I say that it's only contained within /biz/, and that we're at the early stages. Look on warosu and you'll see what I mean. Very first thread was this one: >>29793067

The first thread with actual interest/hype was this one:
Then followed by this one:

I'm too lazy to bother retrieving the other links, but by now you must get my point. THERE WAS NO TWITTER, NO PROMOTION ON TELEGRAM OR ON DISCORD WHEN THOSE THREADS WERE MADE. This may actually be the first time I'm seeing anons not behaving like total pajeets and holding instead of dumping on each other.
Moreover, it's on BSC meaning the fees are attractive and will continue to create a buy pressure strong enough from people who don't want to miss out on the next DOGEcoin.

I understand that it must feel bad to miss out especially since the risk of an exit scam was extremely high at the beginning given the shady nature of the threads and the BSC as a whole, but that's no reason to throw shade when this turned out to be a valid investment decision for those who took the gamble.

So you either buy the dips now, or seethe eternally.

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If the first few hours following the launch are to go by, then it's true we have a good shot at reaching AT THE VERY LEAST 100k mcap around the 10 cents range. It wouldn't take much for the price to pump given the low liq and easy meme potential it has.

Dev just needs to wake up, the least we can do is hold on the line before he rises again - just like the price will. Post STRONG and RARE PEPES to give him strength.
Give them time. People didn't want to buy when it was as low as 0.002

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Yeah just wanted to be honest. Still being a meme token doesn't stop it from going up, just like it didn't stop DOGE from going up. We haven't even been exposed to the masses yet, and it doesn't seem like anons are dumping on each other. This is a setup for a good scenario.

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>goes from 0.0004 to 0.00035
try again nigger
Thanks for your honest contribution and care for the degenerates in this thread at least, anon. But as you can see, there are people who are too far gone to heed your words - and I'm part of this club. Your posts are not FUD, they're actual common sense. But if there's one thing I've learned in this godforsaken market, it's that absolute retardation makes big things happen.

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>job interview
>screech and shit on the table
>tell them my salary is 9000/month
>they say they can't hire me
>tell them it's not gender-inclusive (i identify as transethnic, transspecies, transfiber) and also bigoted
>get check for 3 milli
>shit in toilet like normal person

How's your day going?

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going back to 2c

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Delete this

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>fancy yacht party

i'll be in a king suite with a couple of k-pop girls whipping my balls into mush before they get thrown on the bed and fucked until i die of exhaustion

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Sold one call at a 90% profit earlier and am sitting on 2 others over 100%

Feels good.

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I bought SNDL calls because I have brain damage, AMA

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I bought at $325 lol don't even care

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I like the stock

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Retards. He's had a Youtube channel for a while so its not like he was hiding who he was. Also I can taste your seething jealousy you pajeet slurry slurpers

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short squeeze wall street? wall street can squeeze my short fucking nuts

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>it will only destroy
Let it burn, and rejoice for the end of an empire is truly upon uss

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My fellow bizfags, RBC it is! fuck the normies, fuck the nigger plebbit jannies

fuck it if its on cornbase or nigger binance, its about us, if we pump RBC to new heights, increase its volume into the 100 millions, and get it listed on CEX's, we fucking made it.

RBC shill's allready exist enough, i DONT own any RBC but for the sake of biz, i will make it my biggest bag

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