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you are Going to Make It

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Serious question here do yall folx get off on losing money? Like you were warned that you would lose 80% if you bought silver shitcoins and you bought them anyway ND surprise surprise you lost 80% and all it does is go down and down.

If you wanted to make money you could just have bought bitcoin it goes up 2 % or 7% everyday and will triple in 2 months guaranteed.

Why do you boomers hate yourself and want to be poor by buying garbage rocks instead of magic internet money?

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>Chainlink is shitcoin for adults.

The only difference between some doggy shitcoin and LINK is the latter pretends not to be a worthless shitcoin by buying celebrity endorsements like Tim Cook and paying to participate in software conferences that always begin and end in mere words.

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>paid shills are working overtime to cover their daily post quota
not buying your bags roach

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Bitcoin didn't ruin anyone.
Zoomers destroyed themselves financially by gambling on absolute DOGSHITcoins.
Should have bought the only true crypto you retarded nigger faggots.

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You mean shitcoins are dead?
Well yes, we're finally seeing the responsible regulation to bring about a total shitcoin Holocaust, it's been long overdue.
Shitcoins were just a very low IQ method of gambling, so you can still go to the casino and blow your lunch money, that option is still open to you.

But true crypto (BTC is the only true crypto) is more resilient than ever, and less than a year before the having and Nov-2024 bullrun.

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>Are there any projects that currently pay for Chainlink’s services in the form of Link tokens right now?

Delusional Stinktards are too obtuse to see the reality in which LINK is literally a Vechain type partnership stick and carrot show, wherein they dangle some partnership "carrot" or some miraculous use case, and then deliver nothing while dumping millions of premined, centrally owned tokens.
The truth is, the only revenue that Chainlink sees is from dumping tokens on the spot market.
They do not have a SINGLE business customer that has earned them a single dollar in sales for their alleged software services.

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>Be shitcoiner faggot degenerate
>Government should let the particular pump and dump scam token that I "invested" in continue to run so that other greater idiots could buy and inflate my bags for me to cash out!

Imagine going on a vacation to say... Jamaica.
When you're there, you get cornered one evening, get beat half to death and have your money stolen.
You come back to the US on a stretcher and proclaim "boy, I sure am there's no regulation in Jamaica!"

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Chinks are an embarrassment that discredits cryptocurrency.

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Binance have massive reserves of Tether.

Probably billions of dollars locked up in that shitcoin. When they try to recover the money from Bitfinex and get told to fuck off, they're going to take a massive loss.

You think that won't affect their solvency? You're dreaming, and giving them to much credit.

In fact, IMO, Binance is the second greatest systemic risk to the entire crypto economy after Tether.

This Chink and his unregulated, un-registered exchange launching ICO shitcoin scams and releasing its own securities, while having almost no proven financial reserves or banking partners, is a MASSIVE time bomb.

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>logic and principal based


"The Chink with the most hardware miners, and quickest access to Chink printed circuit hardware and cheapest access to subsidized Chink electrical grid gets to hijack development around their own margins"

Wow, such rigid principles.

Let's face it, Bitcoin's only value is normie appeal and legacy.

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Lmao, it's abandonware. EOS is not even a blip on the radar. There's nearly a million dApps deployed on Ethereum and thousands of the best developers in the industry building on it.

Not a chance.

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Similar situation my dude, I never graduated university and ended up working in sales and consulting.

Thinking of saying fuck it and going to work for the railroads.

Don't want the office wagekek existence.

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get paid pupper

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I've noticed that many of the great inventions that happen today find their genesis in research that was done and abandoned 30-100 years ago, and reviewed with fresh eyes and modern technology. Where would I go about finding old research that dead-ended?

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That's sort of true.

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I've been reading some SEC filings for Boomer companies because I'm topping up my 401K and looking to load up, and just comparing some "crypto" related public companies to real businesses with real products producing real cash flows, just made me realize what a crock of shit crypto really is.

Sure, you might have a nice weekend hobby to tinker around with if you're into coding stuff, but this garbage has no real business application and the prices are still hilariously inflated.

Why are shitcoins with no income worth more than trash-tier pink sheets penny stocks?

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>Check the jr gold mining stocks in 2024 you moron. Thm is going to put eth to shame.

A mining company is a real company that sells a real product to produce real cash flows, when bought for a good price, that is 100% better than owning a piece of shit metal that just sits there.

You are correct.

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There's some mysterious BAT whale who has like 1/6 of the total supply or something, I guess that's how much you could own right now.

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ICOs are still massively overvalued. REQ is still overvalued.

Remember that shitcoin OmiseGo? That was and is still nothing but a White paper, that was valued at close to a BILLION real dollars. There are companies with hundreds and thousands of employees that sell real products every day and have real revenue that are valued less in the real world.

It was and is a bubble of massive proportions.

A total Chink marketing scam called Vechain is still valued at hundreds of millions of dollars by retards, Gooks, spammers and loser NEETs who "invest" in it.

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This desu.

At least this gives us time to accumulate.

I estimate that if you put average your buys in starting now and have at least 20K in fiat invested, you will be a millionaire by 2021.

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