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He must be a little slow. He could call any reputable bullion dealer and ask the rep if he should stack MS70 maples or bullion to preserve his purchasing power. Tell him even the Jews Peter Schiff and Andy Schectman deride unscrupulous companies that sell over priced numismatics to senior citizens.

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>You sound nervous

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Buddy - no reputable dealer would have done that. Gonna need more details

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What do bugs taste like

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It’s an ETH derivative

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We’re nowhere near the bottom, are we?

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So we are suckers huh

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I only edge for 6 hours

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>net worth 34k
next question: why should I receive advice from you?

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People are paying for DIGITAL cards now? Fucking yikes bro

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>but I'm grinding Zulrah rn
Why do people grind bosses for gp in game? Do you really value your time at 40c an hour? Buy GP and get it over with

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>tfw you realize 95% of modern women are whores with 50+ kill count
>tfw over half the 5% aren’t are already taken
>tfw all men are competing for 2.5% of the women
>tfw you’re chances of becoming a multimillionaire off crypto from a 5 digit stack are infinitely greater than starting a healthy family and passing on your genes
>tfw you’d have to spend all your time sifting through the whores for even a chance of this happening
What the fuck is the point to any of this biz?

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wow such unique and eye-opening FUD, the founder is a cuck. Guess we should just let our pride stop us from making it, huh?

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I honestly don't know what the fuck to do with my life. I currently have $9000 invested of my $13k in savings. $5800 in GRT which comes out to 4000 graphies. The rest is in stocks (AMC I got fucked on that one). My days consist of being a NEET and babysitting my niece and nephew (I babysit them nearly every day for free because I said I didn't need to be paid). I've stagnated. I haven't done shit since for 6 months since I quit my job. I can't go through with anything (backed out of the military 3 times). I'd love to not work, but I live in a toxic household and I don't see GRT pumping it to MAKE IT status any time soon. I would need GRT to hit triple digits for me to semi-make it. I don't wanna go to college because it's too expensive. At this point, I either HAVE to go through with the military or fake my resume and hope I land a semi-decent job. Truth be told I really don't like having to suck up to people and having them yell at you which is why I didn't join the military. My home life is the same fucking way and I'm 21 yrs old. Sorry this is a rant, but I'm so fucking fed up.

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>Becomes a wind turbine technician.
>Average pay of $25/hr.
>Have to risk literally falling to death while fixing machinery.

Imagine having to learn all this shit just to make a mere $25/hr. I'm not a tradesman, but this was suggested in another thread. Waging is a fucking meme.

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>uses an exception to prove a rule

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>This isn’t about the money anymore. It’s about the message.

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Linkers have hit a new low

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>27k fiat

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>Dust off the old etrade account for the first time since exiting the kike market for crypto
>gonna buy GME at $60 last night
>kikes make me wait 3 days before I can use my funds
Yikes... bullshit like this is why I left in the first place. I'll stick to internet Chucky Cheese tokens

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>that one lifeless retard spamming scat
you think thats scaring anyone away? autistic faggot

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There are filipinos browsing this board right now

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