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>sold most of my stack
>it pumps back up
>missed the opportunity to double

Well fug :DD

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Im checking out the discord dont like linking my phone number. Like I said Im going through a rough time been drinking a lot not just because of /biz/ related stuff. Im still reading up on it I was really doubtful about this because most 4chan-themed projects have always been scams so I ignored it all this time and now realize I might have been missing out in what could actually be /our/ project.

If I have limited funds since times are rough because covid, would you suggest just buying CLV and staking it on clv2d, or splitting the money to buy eth+clv to add liquidity on uni and stake the uni lp on c3d? still confused over which would be best to get started.

how can I get into the airdrop or is it too late? I was thinking of just buying clv with the last of my funds on metamask. I just want to be comfy frens I got rugged hard on that safe/cover scam and I've just been farming a bit of Doki and Rot with what I had left

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>wake up for market open
>make a few dollars
>eat lunch
>lose what i made and try to break even for the rest of the day
>some bullshit happens at market close, never in my favor. lose a lot of money
>watch orange man repeat the same shit he's been saying for 3 weeks
>eat dinner and showr
>watch futures till i fall aslep
>repeat this every day of the week

i think it's time for me to throw in the towel. goodbye smg

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pumpers gonna pump on monday, nothing can be done

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the meme numbers... they're green again...

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Ive been thinking of sending a Christmas card to a girl I ghosted 6 years ago.

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Sir, that is an extremely sexy pepe, I fail to see how it is proof though.

Me, I am shitposter that dwells pretty much exclusively on biz. What else would you like to know?

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I invest all my earnings into Chainlink and my butthole is loose

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i need help

i forg got my private key

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Meant for

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mine is
>buy 50 eth
>sell for 10k in 2023
>all-in TQQQ
>sell TQQQ in 2030 for $10MM total

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The path to heaven goes through hell. Stay strong, fren.

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Im only buying btc, link, and some eth
I have sold 0 linkies despite having to borrow money to cover a long medical disability that left me 2 months without work
If you are so smart the how about some advice on breaking the /biz/ curse cycle? I guarantee there's things Im "smarter" and more gifted at than you, and one of the hallmarks of intelligence is being able to distill complex explanations into simple and easy to understand concepts. You havent mastered a subject until you can teach it to a novice. Im waiting anon.
I am not swinging any Links. I am trying to swing some of btc dips so I can have more cash to buy even more linkies.

this hurts anons it really feels like "bad luck" I know some of you know what I'm talking about and have methods to deal with it

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here you go fren

i'm willing to be they were destroying servers.

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OK. I thought I was maybe just an idiot. I don't look at transactions much, I just buy the tokens and send them to my wallet.

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I want to get into investing, but where do I start? I don't know any of the smart acronyms or any of the terminology, so it needs to be entry-level. Also, can I live off of investments, or is it true that investing is just gambling for the people too scared of casinos?

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if i don't know which one is lying so should i just go all-in 50/50 on SKY and HOT?

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i don't want bitcoin to die, but will be very sad if it goes back to $5k+, can the price just stay round about here please

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someday you'll make it

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this dogshit board is fucking dead b. fuck you faggots for betraying me and letting me alone. is it my fault you bought the literal top? why are you going on with your normie life instead of shitposting with me to pass the time until we 50k per corn. you were a sad little kunt normie from the start who thought you could get the best out of biz and piss off then to ur normie life ha??? guess what faggot this doesnt work like that. you will miss the next bull run because you didnt show respect. kys all of you

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How can I get a minimum wage job?

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