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I'm transgenderm,i get drunk every day, i hold pnk and i cant get over the tragedy of Rhodesia
want me to kms? then its quite simple; do the darn needful so i can "make it" so i can drink myself to death

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I want to actually use Kleros but there are no onboarding cases to partake in :(

im british and poor anyways so being down £2k means absolutely nothing, not in this society. Do you really think I care about 'losing' money when I can't stop thinking about my country and how it used to be the largest empire to exist only for it to turn into the mess it is now? Yeah.....
bought 10k more pnk the other day btw
i like these, they're cute
they will possibly be using xdai in the future instead of eth or something, but yeah this >>23191607

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