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"With Chainlink acquiring town crier, at this point the dots from last year are all but basically confirmed. I firmly believe that sergey has worked with Microsoft/Marley gray to implement chainlink directly into the cryptlet fabric aka enterprise smart contracts. What Microsoft is doing is creating an SDK directly tied to chainlink. Marley was deeply involved in SGX implementation and now sergey owns town crier. This has all been planned and everyone is merged at this point. When mainnet is released do not be surprised that the first major announcement shortly after is that Microsoft enterprise smart contracts are indeed running on/are chainlink. The link network will be what TCP IP is to the internet. At this point I am 100% confirmed that Microsoft and Docusign will be the first 2 major users of the network. It is eerie to think about but maybe Sergey knew all along that he had this all at his fingertips and the only thing he really needed to make it work was us to run the nodes or it would all be for nothing. Maybe our autism is what sergey really wanted deep down. This is the calm before the storm. 2019 will be big. Don’t be surpirised to see Microsoft and chainlink in the same sentence on the title of an article on major news sites by this April/May."

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