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Cope. I bet there are at least 1000 of us from 2017 with over 10k who haven't sold a Link...

Why the fuck would you sell when you know it's going to be in the hundreds in a couple years...

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Why the fuck does it matter? Are you a swingy or planning to sell because you're scared?!?!?

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Why did Kek choose this coin? What did Kek mean by this? What if LINK unironically becomes $1000 per coin and the /biz/ autists will unironically be the new world elite. Why did Kek choose us, anons? This is a strange timeline.

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Have swinglinkers finally gone extinct?

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new ath waiting room

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is this the $3 wait room? i hope so cause i'm comfy

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2.3k linklet here. Will sell all at $1000.

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Last chance to get in $2.15!!!!!

Never sell! MARINES FOR DUTY! #hodl

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Where did the RSR pump occur?
My sell orders on Huobi were not touched.
Was it a hotbit thing only? I can't check due to some maintenance garbage.

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i don't have to participate because I rolled in one of these threads a year ago and got green. I'm already there.

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They are pumping link in secret behind the btc pump curtain, based

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>tfw holding my linkies on binance since 2017

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Glad i did.

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My linkie stay super stinky, $1000 eoy

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I could help you with my 2 year old link folder fren, but it has 770 images, it would take for ever.

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i woke up after seeing a 15% drop in link usd price since i checked yesterday. that's about 20k for me
>feel nothing
access the chans, see two or three ironic wojaks and some lazy schadenfreude
>nobody feels nothing, not even nulinkers
we're all gonna make it and nobody is even doubting it

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everything will be great

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Ok guys, so after having tried to sell the tops, first at the coinbase listing at 144k gwei (4,8usd at that time), at the retreace to that one to btc at 31k sats. Then I sold it at the current retreace to previous ath at 32.2k sats.

I just bought back 4k link, cashed out 2000eur to my bank account as holiday money (hehe). Not selling any of the remaining 28 000 tokens until staking is online. Thanks.

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Based and linkpilled

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Someone invented a NEETbot?

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strap in marines

i have a feeling this will be a comfy winter...

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snow is on the ground frens
strap in, i think its gonna be a comfy winter

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We're not alone. We have chainlink

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