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>bought LINK at 7 bucks
>sold at 40
>bought LINK again at 7 bucks
It's easy money really

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Sell now or get your rope ready mate

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>breakfast at 10 am, while watching my morning youtube subs
>catch the weekly anime and manga
>go to the gym or take a walk around the block for an hour
>late lunch while watching youtube/anime
>afternoon nap at 2 pm for an hour and a half
>read a book or play some vidya with the lads online for 1-2 hours
>light evening snack, not a big dinner guy
>miscellaneous internet and shitpost until 4 am
>walk to the convenience store for a late night snack (I live in a safe part of town)

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I shower twice a month

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this is my second option now

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this and I still hold 0.5% of the supply

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No it's not. ChainLink is green.

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I shower twice a month

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how many stinkies do you need to hold in order to make it in 3 years? ps im the retard that havent bought any yet

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Link just broke ATH at $20
BTC is about to continue its bull run

A lot people want Link to go down to buy cheaper so most likely it wont happen. We are at a new floor.

It can probably dip to $18 if BTC does a minicrash but $15 is very unlikely.

Just buy. I mean.. why would you care if you bought at $18 , $19 , $21 if its going to be at $500 anyways.

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Thanks fren. Mom holds 1.5k LINK and has iron hands. I believe she may actually reach whale status one day with the way LINK is going

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i'm officially a millionaire. it's been quite a ride marines but i feel like it's only begun. that's all. oh, and of course...


LINK $1000eoy is FUD

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>tfw 6'5" good looking guy but work dead end job with no college degree but 15k LINK

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God jul

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I don't actually hold bitcorns, but I'm seriously excited for you guys!

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any other fellow 10k turbo stacklets lurking about?
how you holding up?
when will you sell your first portion of your stack?
I'll sell 10% at $100 just because I expect a cascade of sells around that price because a 10k stack will be 1mil at that point and that is a pretty sick return from -17 when $1600 would net you a 10k stack at the time I got in.

I honestly think the 50k+ stacks will manage to hold longer than us 10k stacklets

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XRPlebs are doing pretty well and honestly I'm happy for them. As a linkie I'm sitting on about 38x gains over the past three years in a bear market (despite the bullshit over the past few months) so I'm glad they've finally gotten theirs. There's plenty of room at the table.

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good job fren

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>we live in a world where people can't even afford 1 single LINK

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very extreme wind right now and its snowing
gonna go smoke

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