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checked, I'm still up 70x on a token that has been going down the shitter for 3 years, comfy af.

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staking or selling next hype market what is better?

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I hope everyone enjoyed this quarter's Chainlink Pump! We made it all the way to $8 this time! Buckle in for a few months of bleeding, then once we hit $5.84 we can do it all over again!

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Completely unhinged and a VC stooge?
Couldn't be me.

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Lotta bowtie wearing VC faggots spamming college essays about why I should sell my LINK.

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fuddies need to take a chill pill

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yes please

oh and pic rel is of course also one of the most important memes

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lads i want to sniff up these UNG calls

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hello fellow og linkers

i'm going to design the yacht for our singularity yacht party now. What do we need on it?

please, any suggestions are welcome.

nolinkers not welcome

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confirmed :)

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Determines if LINK will pump or not. True angelic digits of truth. I have been debating dumping all my MASK for LINK today to bolster my stack. I had a dream last night that I was making hundreds a week off of initial BUILD gains off of my 4.5k stack. I think I need to add more LINK. Gets of truth decides!

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tfw this coin has a fundamental and unbreakable monopoly on the entire smart contract market
tfw the breadth of what this monopoly encompasses is growing faster and faster every year
tfw the market that requires this growing monopoly is itself growing faster and faster every year
tfw I own 0.005% of the total supply of it

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>bought LINK at 7 bucks
>sold at 40
>bought LINK again at 7 bucks
It's easy money really

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Sell now or get your rope ready mate

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>breakfast at 10 am, while watching my morning youtube subs
>catch the weekly anime and manga
>go to the gym or take a walk around the block for an hour
>late lunch while watching youtube/anime
>afternoon nap at 2 pm for an hour and a half
>read a book or play some vidya with the lads online for 1-2 hours
>light evening snack, not a big dinner guy
>miscellaneous internet and shitpost until 4 am
>walk to the convenience store for a late night snack (I live in a safe part of town)

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I shower twice a month

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this is my second option now

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this and I still hold 0.5% of the supply

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No it's not. ChainLink is green.

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I shower twice a month

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how many stinkies do you need to hold in order to make it in 3 years? ps im the retard that havent bought any yet

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