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I was this "one whole Bitcoiner" cope poorfag 2017.
I hold 0 BTC and if I would denominate now I have prob 30ish BTC (not counting shit I cashed out last 2 cycles)
IF I kept stacking sats would prob be 3 WHOLE Bitcoins
Lol at all of you who can't figure how to play this game beyond "stacking sats" if this is not your first cycle

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>is this mass delusion?
No retard (whos' obviously shot and sweeting on every small pump -hence bitmex screenshot) way to double bottom of 10$ will be covered with small pumps like this due fact that OI is huge (everyone like you is short) and people are picking free money from overleveraged retards.
Read this 100 times and watch it play out next 3-6m.

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Midcurvers, yes they are literally useless governance tokens but all l2s will pump hard AF in 4-6m due 4488 hype.

Having sad that, op is holding like champ and arb is such disappointment so far

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Enough, leave disposable mail here ill contact you and double whatever Turkish scammer is paying you to forever FUCK OF this board with this dead scamcoin bullshit,ill even pay in something that goes up like Btc or Eth or usdc if you like.

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