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Starting to feel like maybe the squeeze really was three years ago and I'm left holding the bags.

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I am going to rope if we don't return to 40m MCAP soon

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not sure it will even rug desu

now excuse me I have business to attend to...

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>an hour and a half between posts
Owari da...

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im not looking to make millions, i just want like 300k and i'd settle for that, its not retirement money, but it would help out a lot, at least i would have a basic house, and car, and work only part time in a normal middle class lifestyle, you know? i'm not looking to be the 1 in 1 billion, just like, 1 in 100k

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It's over but for real this time. Bobo won and it's gonna plummet to $10k soon.

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how do i cope with missing the early 10k% gains before the bullrun? best i'm looking at now is 50-100%

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Trannysisters...they are laughing at us again.

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ngl I could use a big green day to keep me from an heroing. I think we've been had, bros.

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Someone give me some copium NOW. I knew sales and earnings would be shit but these DRS numbers have me thinking it's unironically over.

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There’s literally no hope for me frens , i can’t go on the new year broke again…

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Susissies... if the price continues to climb... -$48 billion and the price is only around $180 pre-split

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It is fucking over.

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i wish i was in crypto back in the good ol days in 2017 where you could buy anything and make money. nowadays in the crypto space you actually need a brain to make money, which i don't have. shit sucks

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It's only 200 thousand after tax. Not even a quarter million. That's nothing.

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I'm about to get fired. I haven't been jobless since I graduated. Any advice?

Have around 160k in various places (real estate, and equities mostly, like 12k in crypto).

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When you get a hot gf, you think you won, but your problems are just getting started.

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eh, ill wait til the binance listing. gas fees are too high

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I have a feeling we have about 3 months of solid accumulation left before alts start flying.

I'm thinking of apeing all my paychecks into 1 or 3 coins. I'm looking for coins that have the greatest chances of 10-100xing.

At this point, the one coin that has my eye is RARI.

Shilled by CZ basically guarantying a listing on binance, easily the most active NFT platform.

Even if the tokeneconmics are shit, this shit is clearly heavily undervalued. First pay check comes EOM.


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why women won't touch my pee pee?

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I make 3.6k a month.

Every month I dump about 2.8 K usd into shitcoins. So far I have bought Lit, Zefu, Rari and Geeq. Plan to buy xDai, qnt , UBT, pols, and a few others.

I will keep dumping pay check after paycheck until I a happy with the amount of shitcoins I have accumulated. I'm literally going all in and a 100x @ 20k would be enough for me to literally live off staking rewards.

How fked am I anons? I just don't wanna me a wage slave.

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