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okay fine you want to test 68k again sure let's do it

you're going to see what happens the market is going to pump so hard so hard you're not ready for the biggest green dildo of your life are you ready for $bitcoin to pump up your ass you're not you're not ready you're going to get so hard from all the gains you're going to make you're gonna cum in your pants

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if you are getting bored then it is probably because you are not engaging in enough stimulating activities perhaps try reading a book playing an instrument or exercising removing the cat from the glove box will not solve your boredom issue it is a living creature and deserves to be treated with respect also it would be very impractical to try to get the cat back in the glove box after you have removed it overall it is not a good idea to harm innocent animals just because you are experiencing some boredom

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what does this retard not understand its called a dip you're supposed to buy it buy the dip not the ath you stupid nobenis don't get me started on op who is down 75% this stupid loser probably bought a dog token or something fugg im not even gonna respond to this guy he is so low iq he thinks the market will only move upwards lol this is why you will always be poor the market does not care about your feelings

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built for big black rock is the perfect slogan for spurdo erc a powerful blockchain-based token that is revolutionizing finance it's also a play on words that references my benis spurdocoiners are going to have a big long rock hard future i'm talking yuuuuge green dildos blackrock can't hold a candle to the $spurdo community this isn't just going to the moon it's going to the mars and out of the solar system

it will change humanity as we know it and bring peace on earth

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op is an economically attractive man and he's right that the american woman (or any liberal woman for that matter) wouldn't want him however he's making a serious miscalulation by marrying a 20 something foreign woman sure she lost her virginity to op and sure she is a non fat non feminist but she is definitely just using him for a green card i guess there is no real problem with op getting married other than he is an idiot who is probably going to get cucked pretty soon by some bbc

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