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>Thought the Fidelity Active Trader Pro application would just be a meme
>It's actually really comprehensive and good, just a little dated in its UX

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>cruise lines bleeding out
>since no customers
>why isn't my stock going up everyday?

Its a billion dollar industry. Just don't be a fag, hold on to your stock and you'll make money.

You'll even get gains when the stimulus comes up, just like it did last time.

Or go ahead and sell it at a loss. I'm trying to average down from -25% and I can use cheapies

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It's complicated. If your currency is strong enough on the world stage, especially to the point where it's used as a reserve currency, then the value of the dollar should still remain strong even with more velocity because so much of the money is being transacted upon outside of the country actually issuing the currency. The value of the USD is largely kept stable by how much it's used outside of the united states.

Now, if you're a country with a weak currency on the global scale it becomes difficult to pull off without creating a new baseline. Not impossible, but it just creates an extra issue to face. Because if your currency is used mostly within your country and nowhere else, then you do risk devaluing your own currency.

But there is no yes or no answer to this, because like any economic question, the answer that's correct in a vacuum may not be correct when accounting for the multiple gears and levers in the overarching economic landscape that influence the outcome. Even in the perfect scenario, human psychology is almost impossible to properly account for and the collective actions of individual consumers may completely make or break the results. It's why economists (aside from personal greed) are so hesitant to distribute stimulus to the masses and instead focus it up at the top; there's better control for how that money is shifted around (hypothetically). If the fed gives stimulus out to consumers directly and none for the top, they'd expect consumers to feed that money to the top with newfound economic confidence. But if that confidence is not found, all those funds given will remain locked up and hoarded to cushion economic disaster.

Despite what either side says, there really is no clear answer to this. It sucks for everyone and it sucks for those making the decisions. People are stupid and deciding which group of morons to trust is hard. Getting the decision wrong can have consequences ranging from a small booboo to the total collapse of an empire.

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