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Well, you will probably laugh at me, but I have researched the entire reptilian/Nordic/grey aliens story. Reptilians are fourth-dimensional beings that came to the third dimension with the Draco system being their base. They attacked the Lyrae system which was home to the galactic Aryans. The Aryans then migrated to 110 different systems, with Maldek (the planet that's remains are now the asteroid belt) and Mars being their home in this system. The reptilians used a comet to destroy Maldek and the comet is now Venus (http://www.esa.int/Our_Activities/Space_Science/When_a_planet_behaves_like_a_comet). Then the Aryans migrated to Earth and established Atlantis. The reptilians sent the moon out (evidence for it being artificial is that it's hollow and we only see one side; pic related a reptilian spaceship) to migrate to Earth and founded Lemuria. They destroyed each others continents (the flood myth in hundreds of cultures). Then the Aryans migrated elsewhere and built the pyramids all over the world which is why we have stories of tall blonde gods. The reptilians went literally underground which is where "demons under the earth" stories originated. Many different alien species donated their DNA to the creation of modern humans which is why white people look like the galactic Aryans. Now the reptilians are controlling us towards a one-world government. Many people have telepathically communicated with the Aryans and they claim they are very worried about Earth which fits the theory (I learned this before actually hearing about the Nordic aliens stories). The greys are the reptilians' bitches; the reptilians promise their species will be saved with human DNA experiments (which is why abduction stories have ass probe stories with greys as the abductors).

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Found it will snooping around with pic related I found on the wiki page for Hitchhikers 42, which I happened to get from the Level 42 band's wiki, because I was listening to https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z0ukUQRU1TI

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