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rajesh wins

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we literally created the kama sutra. I have 55 first cousins and 5 siblings. I am the uncle of 9 children, not counting my cousins' kids. We are obsessed with fucking, always have been, always will be. Brown people fuck: period. Even the most poorfag pajeet living in the shithole slums of Mumbai gets laid and probably has at least 3 kids. And the rich brown guy living in the states, UK and Canada probably has 5 kids.

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i don't care if you think I'm cringe. I'm going to cheat on my brown girlfriend with a desperate white milf who unironically kinda looks like this broad right here not quie as thicc. >>50731309 Hopefully I don't get caught or else my brown girlfriend won't bring me curry again.

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You don`t. Know feed my village white boy.

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>80% are resting the damn thing

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>saurabh sharma
>saikiran nadella

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