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Huge fucking happening, get in here. You might have wondered why CLL is still hiring while almost every tech company is in the news for laying off huge percentages of their workforce.
Well, as it turns out, we're about to do layoffs as well. There's been very tense discussions about budgeting and runway for the past few months, especially with how little the staking launch affected the token price. All of these advisors and senior leaders from outside the crypto space haven't come cheap, and our runway is a LOT shorter than it used to be. Apparently Sergey is not happy about the performance of the engineering team and they are going to be hit hardest by the layoffs.
That's right - it won't be the HR roasties that bite the bullet but the engineers actually building stuff. It's a matter of days, not weeks until this gets announced to the public. Supposedly around 15-25% of the engineers are going to get the axe, plus the entire recruitment team. Layoffs will be mainly those hired during the last couple of years whose compensation was artificially inflated by high token prices and general tech euphoria.
Screenshot this.

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