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There are two kinds of interest-rates, the short-term ones (which are already set at 0%) and the rates in the bond market. The ones in the bond market are the ones which I am talking about in my post. The Fed has printed trillions in Q. E. to drive down long-term rates, and it isn't working. They are soaring every day. This is because, at this point, almost nobody wants U. S. bonds. If rates go any higher, the stock market will crash, which means that the Fed _has_ to cap them. As a consequence, bonds will no longer be a safe haven, since inflation will make real rates plummet to something like -10%, and there will be a mass exodus from the bond market. The debt will be completely monetized. Gold and silver will become the only safe havens for investors. There is no way for the bankers to escape this fate.

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Either the Fed lets rates continue to rise, and everything tumbles down into a new Dark Age, or they impose a formal cap on rates and print ten of trillions to suppress them. Then we go into hyperinflation, and an even greater Dark Age. There is no alternative. It is one or the other.

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