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sorry coomerfren, here you go

I kind of like the fact that an antifa dude puts off the /pol/ and reddit fags who won't invest because of it

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Get a fucking clue guys. It's about opportunity costs. Yeah ALGO will go up this run but nowhere near compared to other coins. This coin will be the FIRST thing dumped out of peoples portfolios for other booming coins the second alt season begins. Enjoy your 2x gains I guess.

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Rolling, lets GO

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Whats the website to see charts for the BSC tokens, friends? I forgot to bookmark it.

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Im rubber youre glue everything you say bounces off me and sticks to you. Get rekt nigtard.

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can you explain why Ampleforth can go 1000x

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What caused this shit? I'm probably going to buy the dip but I would like to know.

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Give me your undervalued SPACs, please.

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