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Link is the amazon of crypto. It will endure the crash and rise like a pheonix from the ashes. It sucks if you didn't take profit, but DON'T panic sell the bottom. We are guaranteed to survive this and guaranteed to print new ATHs in the future. Just relax, take care of yourself, and be patient.

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Checked. Thanks Ari for your hard work

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My average is $0.40 / LINK, I have a little under 5k and even though I wanted more, I could not bring myself to buy more at 10x what I already paid, yet in retrospect I wish I had. I FOMO'd over all the 10k+ stackers back then but am still absolutely grateful for the stack I do have. The psychology of it all has been a fucking roller coaster.

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I will buy a bit more to add to my stack next month when I get my next wage slave income.
When I buy Link I imagine supporting Sergey in his work and only see the current prices as crypto volatility with no impact on the price we will have in a few years.
I want to see how his vision will materialize in this world and will wait until it happens.
I know when it will be ready it will surpass all our expectations.

For those who are a bit impatient they just have to remind themselves that Sergey got additional funding from a secret partner to pay for his new Chainlink labs team, and what's coming in the next 6-12 months is going to be insane.

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Title. Is it Augur, Kleros, UMA, Aragon, a coming Chainlink module, or all of them? Please refer to this coindesk article https://www.coindesk.com/enterprises-third-parties-oracles and this thread from last year >>https://warosu.org/biz/thread/S14646718#p14647027

pee pee poo poo haha fuck

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I will forever be grateful for Sergey's efforts to make smart contracts work and /biz/'s help which got me to my current state.

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If Link reaches 1k I will have more than 100 million...
How do I manage this amount of wealth?
How can I protect my wallet with this amount of money?

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that is literally a final shakeout, what is more of a shakeout than 0.0001 USD

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Sergey's last answer was brilliant and when the chat was over he left first like an absolute chad. He's a visionary and we're all so lucky.

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I don't even know what to say anymore. I've never had this much money ($45,000) in my life. Fuck man. As a poorfag I can't even fathom this

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No, I have 1M with current valuations and I still stick to my original plan which was to wait for the next crypto bull run and/or staking implementation to see what price my stack can achieve and what I get from steaking.
I bought more Link yesterday because I expect it to go up in the next 18 months.

Of course there is always a small risk that it won't work out as expected, but I trust the /biz/ collective which brought me to my current state.
If something goes wrong you would see a lot of Link marines sell same on the same day and crashing the market, but I only gave this project a 40% chance of success when I went all in and I was ready for this leap of faith.

It either success tremendously or it fails spectacularly.
There is no middle ground and no gain without risks...

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Why would I want to 'cash out' my gains if I can use crypto to pay for almost all goods and services. There's even real estate that's sold for Bitcoin. Imagine being so cucked you would turn your wealth into inflationary zogbux and keep them in a bank account. You're better off with stable coins.

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I 100% plan on buying PNK and I believe in the project. That being said I am all in LINK in the short run because that’s where FOMO money is gonna go in this bull run. LINK will lead the DeFi golden bull run. Following a massive LINK pump, I’ll DCA some profit out and throw it into PNK, RSR, and DMG.

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>went to sell half my link stack for an xsn MN
>couldn't go through with it, ended up buying 50 more link
it's b-been a pleasure doing business sirgay

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Will he become the de facto monarch over national governments because of his future wealth?

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buy signal

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The world is unironically going to be relying on Chainlink within the next 5 years.

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It was a false flag designed to capture crypto headlines so that fewer people read about the LINK pump that’s about to occur over the next 24 hours.

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Am I the only one who doesn't feel anything?
I don't feel any emotions when looking at my portfolio with more than 1M already.

When I tried to imagine what my life would be if I made it and didn't need to work 2 years ago I was unable to imagine it.
I wanted to free myself from my work which was pushing me into multiple burnouts, but now that I changed my mindset to only do the amount of work that feels good and healthy I am not even sure I want to quit my work if I don't need it.
Thanks to the corona virus I am working from home every day and only need to work a few hours a week and now watch japanese vtubers most of the day for fun.
But I don't need a lot of money for this activity and don't go outside a lot...

It feels like this big amount of money I am getting is a gift of the world to me for all the pain I suffered and overcame in the last 30 years.
Maybe I did enough and deserve to finally live a peaceful life.
Or the world gave me this option because I have something important to do with my remaining time and will need all the support I can get to achieve this goal.

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Just checked my stack.
It's now worth 700k...
My first life goal was to become a millionaire before surviving the BTC market crash, the bear market and losing my emotions for 2 years.
Now I feel that I almost don't care as I try not to associate my happiness with a virtual number.

I will probably do nothing spectacular.
Maybe I will buy a Big Mac and thank Sergey when that happens.
However my goal is much further away and I still try to learn what my true goals in life are.

Maybe one day I will have a family and friends or focus on doing research on a topic I wanted to better understand.
Only time will tell.

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it's been a while

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