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Checked and this

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I bet whoever is behind the suppression is really proud too

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Is Sergey the one who keeps dumping Bitcoin every time Link threatens to break out?

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if $9 comes up, it's decision time for Bitcoin whales.

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>BTC was rising
In all four instances, Link was rising and BTC was pretty much crabbing.
And each time Link was almost exactly at $9, while BTC was at different price levels each time.

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take a wild guess

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will (((they))) do "it" again?

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>This shitcoin can’t even break $9
How can it when Bitcoin dumps the entire market every single time?

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Because Link has been having amazing news in the past few months/years, so it naturally wants to recover sooner than anything else.
But then each attempted breakout gets dumped on by BTC.

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>We are always led to belive, through innuendo or silence, that we are the precipice of historic breakthroughs and price action
that's by design to wear you down and get you to sell.

>price about to breach through resistance
>OH NOOOOOOOOO not another epic black swan event! what are the odds?!
>what they didn't sell? well surely they'll sell the next black swan!
>rinse and repeat

it's a like an extra retarded version of the man behind the curtain because we're all watching him desperately pull levers and manufacture artificial chaos while we sit here laughing and memeing about it.


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posted without comment

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After $9 Bitcoin dumps.

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All Link pumps reaching $9 were hammered down by BTC.

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If Link is allowed to break $9, all bets are off.

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You don't know the half of it.

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