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>can't read
>ESL projecting illiteracy
I take your hostility and ad-hominem as concession for Avax being the superior protocol.
Do you understand that my post can be a response to the first section of your post, followed by bullying Kadena (as this is a Kadena thread) and not focusing on some no name shitcoin like some ass burger ?
Guess not.

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>so you're telling me that the roaches came up with the idea of poor photoshops of anime girls in a desperate attempt to shill because they think the average biz user is some shut in dweeb and it appeas' to them?
Kek who is in charge of marketing?

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b-but Poomar told me Avalanche was a ghostchain bros...
I hope the 157 vaxxies anime chad comes around

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I personally believe this is just a bull trap, so it'd make sense for AVAX to stay at $12-$13 until the whole market crashes back down
Have you tried reading the documentation available on Avalanche's website?
Fair point, I think having AVAX's logo on her eyes + adding "Avalanche" to the side like picrel really does the whole work, but to be fully honest I don't mind either if there's a logo on the tie or clothing, check picrel, it has a couple of avax triangles around I and I still think it looks perfect.

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Their strongest shilling point it's based upon 'muh academic fundamentals' but the truth is that they have nothing built (they barely got smart contracts last year), and its ecosystem is rather vaporware and whitepapers, nothing tangible.
Picrel is what you're looking for if you're into the most academic part of crypto, but with an actual working product.

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