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Look at the Mcap. Look at the volume. No way Xrp is good. There is no real banks banking Xrp.

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Go back to 2016 when biz was full of actual schizophrenic genius’s. Now it’s just a bunch of stupid fucking nigger cattle.

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wtf I just wrote

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> It's not, and you don't have the understanding to explain exactly how XRP is able to scale to unprecedented levels

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>hurr durr what does inversely correlated meanz

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> Bought at 0.39 sold half at 0.5. I keep it just for the lolz, I'm oldfag and all time chart looks interesting tho, the "FED will pump my bags and buy xrp at 500$" is delusion. I hold this shit just in case but I think ya'll should go check reality. Maybe it gets to 4$, it's not the standard, is an open source pilot, the cbdc platform will be shared by the powerful, no institution will come and buy your bags because ripple is centralized af altho I hold a bag because I think it can pull a bitconnect because midwits are midwits and xrp seems the perfect midwit coin to me. I literally knew a big normie midwit who bought 1800 xrp at 3$, this guy didn't know shit about crypto back then and he bought xrp. I think it can do well but the FED and CBDC buy back is hopium retards.

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> Is there anywhere on the entire god damn internet I can buy XRP that doesn't seem sketchy as fuck?

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>invests in beta test net token(btc)

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>tfw work in higher education

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>over the past month.

Only a month?

I vet candidates over 4 month period.

I make sure to get to know who they are so I'm sure they are trustworthy.

You only spend a month on hiring process and probably only put them through 3 interviews.

Did you even have them work on the team for a trial month put them in a stress test?

NO, I bet not.

Who is the dumb man again?

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>they should have capped it at 50 million

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> RZMkRz2C

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>this is not financial advice

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>tax people with pools

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You would need 26 million XRP to be worth that much in USD no matter where you are from, retard.

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>so high iq

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I need to mine coins. Mine mine mine

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Mine mine mine we have to mine

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Black rock whale black rock whale

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>ripple are going to lose the battle

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Indurrnet camputah

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>it’s not btc where pump like that can make you few k.

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Two outcomes

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