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>Mfw as a (((scientist))) this 4D chess stuff is a bunch of mumbo jumbo okay goy!?

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>Jews are much smarter people
According to who?
According to (((science)))?

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>how the fuck did he go from math teacher to billionaire?
For the same reason pic related are considered (((scientists)))
>”as a (((scientist)))” is their favourite way of saying “as an authority”

"‘For fear–that is the feeling which is inherited and fundamental in the human being; in fear lies the explanation of everything, original sin as well as original virtue.

Out of fear grew also my virtue, which is called: science. ‘Fear of wild beasts has been bred into humans the longest–including fear of the beast they harbour within themselves and fear:–Zarathustra calls it “the inner beast”. ‘This long and ancient fear, finally become refined, spiritual, intellectual–today, it seems to me, it is called: science.’–"

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