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Anyone eyeing AGNC ?

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Congrats on 4 dollars, linkies. Wish I had bought instead of fud but I just still can't figure out I'd this has any future.

Best of luck. I'll probably neck myself in 5 years anyways, I couldn't afford a suicide stack 2 years ago and I can't afford one now.

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Well,a bit of backstory on this one is that they just purchased detour gold, which I predict will expand their operations and income once in place. I can't find any real downside in the long term (and that's probably why I bought the top lol), and I also felt bullish seeing that the acquisition was approved by 80 percent of the shareholders. Following week - dumps 11 percent. I just can't figure out why, it was due for a correction maybe but I also can't find any reason Corona Virus should be hitting it so hard.

Just frustrated. Bowen making an attempt to make smarter stonk picks and can't win

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Why wouldn't I? Utility token with actual utility.

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Similar circumstances here. Curious what your other picks are. Mine are BTC ETH LINK RSR and PNK

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