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Don't make the mistake of getting too hung up on one women. Modern dating with the internet is just a numbers game. Contact as many women as you can and develop a basic script over time that gets replied and go from there.

You can't have a girl thinking you are desperate to be with her or she will take advantage of you and treat you like shit.

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What kind of retarded question is that? A good game is one that people enjoy playing.

Humans are driven by primal biological urges. A lot of these urges cannot be fulfilled in our modern society so your game should try to simulate one of these to make people feel more fulfilled in their life.

These primal urges are also what gives rise to all of the literary archetypes we see repeated in stories.
A more primitive animal like a monkey will go out and forage for food to share with their offspring or family group because of unconscious biological urges. Human consciousness allows us to run simulations inside of out head before we act it out in the real world. Over time humans who found it enjoyable to run these simulations inside our head bred more than the ones that didn't find it enjoyable because it allowed them to prepare for every possible scenario. This reward system is why we enjoy things like games, movies, books, and other forms of story telling.

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It pumped because of the partnership news and being added to coinbase.
The volume is dropping and they are all out of announcements to pump it again.

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>Sorry you invested more money into us so you are going to have to cover the losses
What kind of retarded dev team would piss of the richest investors to cover for the bottom feeders.

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You could get thousands of acres if you had 1 trillion dollars.

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No MATIC 0/10

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This only works on coins with lower market caps. Shitcoins are the most vulnerable to this kind of pump&dump.

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Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted
One moment
Would you buy Link or just let it slip?

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On liqui.io it says "Withdraw for ETH disabled now" is this shit site finally scamming me?

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