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Quant. Research and understand that this shit will have insane value in the future years. It's not a fucking Pajeet company like the rest being shilled here

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Oh wait, it's only Chainlink devs who does scammy shit like that. Actual legitimate companies don't do that.

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Okay biz im gonna try something new. Can we discuss how big of a deal Overledger actually is? It gives interoperability for banks, exchanges, health sector, governmental sectors. Literally everything. Do we not discuss Quant because Chainlinkers on this board gets angry that another crypto project exceeds them, and has an actual fully working product with clients as SiaGroup and now AX trading(also partner of Euronext) and the partnerships and clients just keep on coming? The ceo speaking at the European central bank HQ in Frankfurt and Money2020? The tech must be quite something.
>but muh closed source.
Actual legitimate companies in the real world dont disclose every line of code for cybersecurity reasons
Yeah, they arent exposing the code for potential backdoors.
Quant also has full control and already patented this DLT technology. Why are people on biz so mad about this? It's completely true too if you just do some quick Google searches. The ceo was also on the US Feds New payment system committee and there are rumours about Overledger being used as a RTGS gateways. Isn't this huge, I dont get it really. And that this still sits at $8 shows how much of a clown market this is

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