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Congratulations Linkies!

Bullrun is about to cool-off and you could not even do a pathetic 2x after ATH: while everything else mooned 10x+

Kids gained the same profit with Food shitcoins in 1 month than you did in the past 3 years.

Congrats again!

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All these new scamcoin newfags are literally going to surpass all the 2017 oldfags who have held link since ICO. They are going to make more in 6 months off scams and having fun while you sit watching like a cuck, with your heavy slow bag.

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Chainlink in this bullrun is dead

Most underperforming coin in the Top 10 this year

Ridiculous amount of low volume against other Top 10 coins

Many OG Marines are cashing out or at least diversifying. (Yes I know some retard will say "I am not selling" you are minority)

Staking will most likely be released next year.

Literally NO hype. There is nothing attractive to newfags and normies to get in here. Everything works as a backend

Every attempt to pump gets absolutely destroyed.

BTC only needs a 2x to reach its popular 100k likely top valued price and Link has not even reached a 2x after its ath,

Link will just dump after BTC is finished. Every BTC dump has been a crash for link.

There is literally no hope for this project in this bullrun.

Opportunity costs are ZERO.

I dont feel bad because I am diversified, so I have the guts to say it objectively since I know many people here are coping.

Just the hard truth.

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>> March :: $35 ::
>> April :: $36
>> May :: $37
>> June :: $38
>> July :: $39
>> August :: $40
>> September :: $41
>> November:: $42
>> December :: $43
>> January 2022 :: $15

My safe and comfy stable growth.

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$30 dollar stable coin

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Can someone tell me why is Chainlink underperforming so much?

I dont know the project much (I am overdiversified in top crypto) but I am seeing this is one of the few coins not pumping.

Were there some bad news I was not aware of?

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Imagine losing the bull run for this shit LMAO

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$27 dollar stable coin

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$23 dollar stable coin

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Should I invest in Linkpool or Chainlink?

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kek, Serg spoke about the Compound failure

>“Close to $90m of loans were liquidated on @compoundfinance over the last 24hrs, with bulk of it DAI likely due to oracle issue as Coinbase DAI/USDC spiked to $1.3 momentarily, also the pair where yield farming is concentrated,” tweeted a crypto researcher known as Arthur.
>Sergey Nazarov, co-founder of Chainlink, spoke to Decrypt about the risks associated with centralized oracles.
>“DeFi protocols with centralized oracles that rely on a single exchange of any kind (Off-chain or DEX) or even a limited number of individual exchanges for their price data, are exposing user funds to significant risks,” Nazarov said.
>What's more, the Compound liquidation is yet another sign that users might start to veer towards protocols with more decentralized oracles. “I expect that the realization of these technical risks by users will eventually drive them to use DeFi protocols that have decentralized and provably secure oracles, just like users are now highly sensitive to the private key security of off-chain exchanges,” Nazarov added.

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>t. 50k bag holder about to kms AGAIN

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Let's talk some life theory here.

>You are a 35 year old boomer w/ 2 kids and a wife you are very happy with
>You work a wagie job which isn't so bad, makes you $100k/year before your revenue share which gets you to a total comp of around $150k/year and you also own .5% of the company valued at $20MM but your equity has a low probability of ever actually paying you anything (e.g. no liquidation event in sight)
>You still want to kys every day because being a wagie is being a wagie
>In your young 20's you had a relatively successful touring indie rock band, and still write good music plus you have other hobbies but given family life & work not a ton of time to invest in those hobbies
>You hold 50k LINK
>It is November, 2021. LINK just hit $60/token. You could officially cash out all and make your salary every year from dividends/investment returns. You of course also have the option to cash out partially, or not at all.

What do?

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Can we see Chainlink again at 20?

Serious thread, try not to troll and let's discuss.

Inb4 how does 1000000$ sound

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Chainlink is going back to 11.6 in a day

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Daily chart shows Chainlink is gonna test 12.5 in 24 hours.

Not joking, for me Link is just a shitcoin but it gives me money.

Of course if BTC crashes all coins go to shit.

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How many linkies did you manage to get?
I invested 8k in total at different prices and im currently at 2900 oracle solvers

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Should I buy CHAINLINK around 12.6?

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CHAINLINK is going to PUMP now

thank me later.

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Chainlink is going to PUMP in less than 1 hour.

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This is such a great opportunity to buy. For all the poor fags take notes. Wait a bit longer for the market to crash more and buy in. The market will come back. Currently I have a little under 7k link and over 600k rsr. Just hold on to your coins and buy more with your wagie checks when the time feels right. We are going to make it.

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Well I was not listing to you stupid anons as you see that I was right.

We have touched 14 Dollar again as I said yesterday also due to my sell orders and there is only one more day for smartcon and no pump happened till now.

BIz is full of shit. We will be back to 12 soon.

I will amuse myself over a glass of don perignon later that day.

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Nothing is gonna happen. Where is the FUCKING moon?

It’s one big disappointment. We will dump into oblivion again.

Fuck it I’m selling seriously and just take the money that I’m having right now.

That was the fucking top!

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First of all, i don't give a fuck about chainlink project. I only want to make money like all of you.

Are you going to buy it for day trading or swing trading?

I think a good entry point is going to be aroun 12$ if it breaks the 14$ ressitance.

(of coure these aren't exact numbers)

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