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be the one selling excavators

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what societal effects smart contracts will bring upon us?

Mass unemployment?
Rise in income inequality?
Decrease of corruption?

What else?

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As you mess your diaper concentrate on the feelings of helplessness at messing your little diapers as a baby. Concentrate on the sensations of messing helplessly and feeling the soft, gooey void filling the seat and crotch of your diapers and smearing on your little bum. Tell yourself how nice and good this feels, and how babyish it is to mess your diapers, how babyish YOU are to mess your diapers.
Good baby you wet and mess your diapers, naturally, now.
A few more times and you will begin to think "Oh, me go poopoo didee" as your subconscious feels the need to void, and your body becomes retrained and the poopoo just naturally passes by your relaxed sphincter into your soft diapers. Naturally you will wet your little diapers after you void, as all babies do.
Do not stay in messy diapers for more than a few minutes. NEVER PLAY WITH YOURSELF IN MESSY DIAPERS. THIS IS BAD, and baby will be punished.
During clean up, it does smell a bit unpleasant, but remind yourself how good it FEELS, and how babyish your FEEL at messing your diapers. Be sure to wash off your bum, crotch and entire diaper area with warm water and mild soap, or with Baby Wipes and get it all clean and sweet smelling. Put baby lotion or oil, and baby powder on baby's diaper area, and then a nice thick soft diaper and plastic panties so baby is well protected again.
Remove the diaper liner from the diaper and rinse it in the toilet, flushing the poopoo away. If baby voided so much that the regular diaper got messy too, then rinse the soiled area in the toilet as well. Wring out the rinsed liner and/or diaper and put them in a plastic baggie to put in your diaper bag. Wash your hands real well with soap and water and put the rest of your clothes on.
Now you're all ready to go play again, until your next diaper change.

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