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people think that projects are successful, because they solve project, but it's the opposite, the more problems a project brings, the more likely to become a success and de facto standard. As a corollary, any success software project will consume much more resource than the current available.

tldr; eth is the windows of blockchain. Instead of a project killing eth, what will happen is that eth will phagocyte any viable eth alternative.

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do not use eth
eth is cancer

we are lucky, because eth2 is coming too late, so people will be using something else in 5 years. Anyone guess who will win?

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I'm a poorfag sometimes I play with gas fees on 1inch. Today I have done a transaction without realizing I was asking the same than yesterday at low vol (95 gas) but now the standard price is over 190!
>Status: Pending
>Time Last Seen: 00 days 01 hr 34 min 20 secs ago (Feb-02-2021 03:54:20 PM)
>Estimated Confirmation Duration: 1 hr | Gas Tracker

Theoretically, it could be pending until the ETH dips again, but not lost on the dark, right? By the way, when is it set the price exchange?

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