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>can't fool prq holders
>can't fool newfags either
>let's keep spaming threads and creating even cringier memes, than will surely work
Just sell your fucking bags or stfu, you guys are only making your situation worse.

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It's a slow day here in Mumbai, sir. He's not one of us.

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>tranny post
>tranny filename

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>bought at $0.1
>everything is staked
>not even a little bit worried

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Anon, I...

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You're not any good at this and it's time to stop before you look any dumber than you already do.

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>turbo retard
>turbo faggots
>fucking idiots
>hasnt left this thread in 2 days
Dude, go outside

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>being hoarded in the billions of dollars by every central bank around the world
>b-but golds fundamentals are fucked! I’m so much smarter than them! My meme coins will replace central banks overnight!

Lmao only retard here’s is you man. Go ahead keep buying tho. Can’t fucking wait for you moonbabies to neck when we collapse to sub 1k prices. The irony is ofc that it will eventually hit a million afterwards

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When every other shitcoin dumps


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>Don't bother coming into work tomorrow!
>office workers working on a saturday

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get a new image to spam every thread on biz with

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