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>Whose stoping you from making a darkness vending site?

3 letter agencies, drug cartels and your isp for one

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Put every cent you have in and dump on people during the next bullrun.

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Another cuck who doesnt offer a valid counter as to WHY trx is bad.

>hurr durr ya dood its bad cause trust me I said the word nigger so im hardcore AF
>na your some 100 pound or 350+ pound cuck who feels power saying a racist term anonymously. Which btw im pretty sure is linked to some fucking mental disorder you faggots have or massive insecurity.

>Oh you mean the 100+ current DAPPS running on the fucking network in a month? At this rate they will pass ETH in a few months and its a much faster better foundation.

Im not shilling shit you retards. Hence me spitting facts not HuRR DuURr NaT GOod NigHer Ya Buy Dis OThEr ShIt CoIn

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>what are some good coins/ICO's launching in 2019?

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gold is a commodity, its a shiny rock. Some people might use it for jewelry or some wires. The rest of its price is inflated by tinfoil gambling tards like you

>you decide to hold that 10$ in your wallet for 5 years.

you are retarded. why would someone hold 10$ in their pocket for 5 years you moron? thats not the point of money

go buy some more canned tuna and bullets for your bunker buddy you gonna need it for the zombie apocalypse

and if you also put your money in stock market for 100 years you would have even more money

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>it's a shitcoin in a shitcoin market, therefore it is not a shitcoin

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>log chart

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>people posting bulls on 4chan means we need to go down more
whalecum to 4chan, it's called shitposting bro.

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>There are not two separate chains

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So what are some ticker symbols that deal in hydroponics?

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>what are multiple wallets

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Funny part is, when he claimed he was Satoshi he also said that he spent more than 90% of the Satoshi coins because of electricity bills.
Now suddenly he claims he has 1MM BTC

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Jackpot is 868 million cash option is just under 500 million.

Your post reeks of retardation...

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Are you a cryptocuck? Or a victim of the stocuckery? These people are right. Buying a lottery ticket and hoping that you'll win is no different that waiting for a shit coin to moon. And the rewards are much, much much higher than pocket crypto money.
But it's okay if you want to stay a poor brainlet. I'll laugh at you soon

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>the absolute state of 2017 newfags

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