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30k stack OG here boys.
10k ICO+swong to 3x today.
Here are some pills for you today:

>2017 ICO are, yes 99% are worthless, but at least we all get to participate at same price
>2023 ICOs dead due regulatory concerns, now you get VCs getting bags at 1-10% of price before you buy them on public market or airdrops where they give you free 1-10% supply before marketmakers set price to 10bil FDV with 1-10% airdropped float ands and VCs start dumping project to oblivion (oh and yeah same thing 99% of projects till worthless)

Link ICO was 0.2$ (capped at 7k link but you could literally buy it on Binance for less in moths to come)
Yes Sirgey IS dumping, but his dumps are revenue going back to Link, best hirings you can make (450, look at names of top ones), partnerships with literally everyone and cornering market.

What's the alternative?, how would project fund today, equity from VCs who would dump forever (so same price pattern) and EXTRACT value while Link and Sirgay would have like 20-60 mil to work with?

This is why THEY (VCs) hate link, they could not play by standard seed round 1/2/3 rules of free money printing and dumping on you , that's why they are launching so many useless competitors.

Yeah we got to hot to early on hype alone in 2020, but My bags are still 17x from ICO and since i did swinged a bit on top of bull now i have 3x stack.

It's clear not only LINK is most important project in crypto and will deliver most value to this clownspace, but it was last chance for us plebs to get on ground level of something majestic and big as this.

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