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Its not a pnd scam you Ganges Street shitter. The price will go over based on real world application, not your measly shekel purse. Id suggest you start doing some reading. Coinbase listing soon. Get in now or forever fomo.

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Just do the math op and don't be a faggot.

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unironically the most undervalued project in crypto

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How are we doing LTOnauts? A lot of things aren’t going our way when charting, but remember that fundamentally this is a top 10 project. An ever-increasing number of people outside of us are recognizing not only the promise, but the recorded accolades and benchmarks of LTO.

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here you go

ok bye lol

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Surely some new clients and news would accompany all those TX
Ama was great btw

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Made a screencap of the ama

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