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>I orangepilled my parents when Bitcoin was in the 50s
She means when BTC was $50, right? RIGHT?

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I don't hate black people or the average jew.
>Just join them!
fuck off kike wannabe, some people actually want a better world free from kike slavery.

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still a faggot.
please rethink your life choices.

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>I dont know if its just more FUD
All the red flags are waiving, people are telling you it’s a scam. The bottom bottom just fell out of the price. What do you think?

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Go back to red dit

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That's pretty cool!!!
You sound really smart!!!!
No wonder you browse reddit!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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you took your meds? get out

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I don’t need anything explained to me by midwit who gets off on fucking with brainlets
thank you though kek
I thought I told you to get off that high horse? You’re not nearly as intelligent as you think you are, if you were I wouldn’t need to explain this concept to you

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Nice projection lmao
Keep crying about name fags you tranny loser
I called you out because you’re a fucking retard and you just keep proving my point
>thinks I don’t hold other coins
kek if only you knew
If you’re not buying XRP right now you’re literally retarded
You’re the same kind of person that would have sold Tesla when the same thing happened a few years ago
Keep coming up with whatever narrative you need to cope with your clinical retardation though
Also don’t forget to kys

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