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This aged well.

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>1 Juel
>1 naz

use the prefix: "atto" before the name to be precise with regards to the 18 decimal memory limit of the chainlink protocol

(18 decimals corresponds to the "granularity" of the chainlink protocol memory capacity)

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>I take it you've retired with you new-found wealth?
actually I'm working on a new project related to data feeds for the electrical grid
won't go into more detail until it's done, but it'll probably take me 1-2 years to get it rolling

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>What's the ideal LP to Link ratio?

10,000:1 seems about right

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thank you

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>Does IDF get dividends in chainlink to kill more Palestinians and Lebanese with anti matter warheads?
God is striking you all down
repent and return or it will continue
egypt will fall again for what they're doing to God's people

>So Twitter is now trustworthy?
you really are a smoothbrained inbred
(((manipulated media)))
you know when they deny it, that it's actually the opposite right?
do I really need to explain it to you that much?

>I thought you supported trump?
of course

>Only a fucking jew would save such an image
I didn't make him take the picture moron

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>just because it's a hexagon doesn't mean it's link you retard.
you're delusional

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>42, whats up king!
out on the town with my wife on this beautiful August night
based meme, thanks brother
keep up the great work and don't let
the haters get to you
cheers, I'll have a brew in your honor tonight

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Extremely bullish, literally everyone is watching whatever Portnoy talks about although I don't know how smart it is long term to pump LINK without fundamentals supporting the move.

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>I'm assuming you mean spiritual "evolution" here, but in that case "revolution" would be the more apt description in my opinion.
Move beyond the definitions of the words
You can feel it happening when it happens. There are those in the world who KNOW what I’m saying and there are those who don’t.

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