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>tfw I own both Dragonchain and SPHTX
Really comfy boys

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Aleady back at $1000.
Suck it faggot

Make sure to post this shit every time there is a dip on the way to the moon. Your salty coping is cute. When we get to $10,000 then you can kill yourself.

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no-coiner butt hurt cry baby detected.

keep saying this all the way to $10,000 you miserable faget

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good work coin brother, I'm at 60k.

Only BTC for me tho, I don't do alts.

There is some big money coming into BTC this year with the new ETFs coming online. Very big Wall St money is about to wash in. Even at $16Billion market cap bitcoin is tiny. Hold on...

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When this Bitcoin ETF goes live early next year, a tsunami of hot Wall St money is going to rush into bitcoin. Big finance had no easy and legal way of buying into Bitcoin, until now.

With only a $16 Billion market cap, bitcoin is still very small, there are hedge funds bigger than BTC.

Get ready for some mad price rises. It's gonna balloon upwards

To the moon, bitchez.

Also, nocoiners on suicide watch


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