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>posts a niglet for no reason
>doesn't know how to greentext
>low IQ, common opinion
>unnecessary/awkward semi-colon
am i supposed to be impressed that you (a dumbshit) know all the trending crypto buzzwords? what else is the point of this idiotic thread?
>1 post by this ID
Oh never mind, it's another obvious op thread, to make 4chan less radical. See>>58346473

See that fellow based and redpilled 4channers? look: a cute and well-dressed little niglet, now will you just forget about the epidemic of violence and cultural decline associated with blacks?

This website fucking sucks. This is the only board of any value left, because at least there are still some high IQ / high knowledge anons with good critical thinking skills. I swear the rest of the posts are literal thoughtless 3rd world retards who use tiktok and say bro and all of this wigger cringe unironically. The quality is so fucking bad now lmao. No wonder half the posts are literal scamcoins, i've never seen it this bad.

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>/biz/ shit coins
not even once

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>faggot jeet wants me to buy his bags after they just did a 5x

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I’d rather die than live as a rentoid—making some like rich. I am NEVER moving out of my parents’

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not pumping your bags, kumar

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Having been scammed by Sergey, I now plan on starting a fud campaign against LINK where my partners and I will make multiple burner Twitter (now called X) accounts on which we’ll shill LINK as the white man’s token and post racist LINK and Pepe memes. No one will want to touch or do business with LINK and Sergey if they become associated with white supremacy.

If you also feel that you have been scammed by this toilet coin then you are welcome to join us

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let the doompening comments.

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If most european countries can share a currency why can't the rest of the world?
Wouldn't supply chains and logistics networks be far more efficient without man made exchange rate risks fucking its efficiency up?

Imagine a global gold backed currency, would be amazing.

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>Down a whole dollar in the first 15 minutes
Man fuck Ken I was having fun and now he's being all kinds of butthurt about it

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I hate sore losers
Stop shitting up the board, plus no refunds.

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why does everyone consider me a poorfag if they're still paying off their mortgage while my parents own like 100 houses.

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The last 1hr candle closed at exactly $30,000 on bitstamp.

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>mfw I just bought more

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I love the state of biz/ now. Not as good as it used to be prior to the 2017/2018 mania, but this bear market era is wayyyyyy better than the crypto bull runs that resulted in endless shit/alt coins that were blatant scams posted by Eastern Europeans and stinky Indians. I’m actually seeing good threads last instead of getting bumped off by the shit coin threads.

I hope this bear market financially ruined all the shit skins who spammed this board and they never return

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Fucking retard taking the opposite position of the chiseled chad METAbullites. Next time you want to burn money let me know and I'll just take it off your hands immediately, no need to wait until whatever expiration date you chose. Seriously. yngmi if you hold this trade.


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shitting up my thread

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it worked bang anon fucked

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Reminder that Sergay invited this kike to Smartcon. What a fucking cuck

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for all the YANG fathands in here have a hearthy fuck you ching chong is printing it's way out now
>Verification not required.

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You wish you were all in on Ticker: XRP

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