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Silly boomer. Silver is very useful but it's not a good form of money or a store of value.

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I'll take "things that never happened" for $500, Alex.

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henlo frens
we comfy yet?

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why didnt you buy?

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Should i get out of PLUG and SUNW? they've made me good money but i can't tell if they're overvalued or still have growing room

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SUNW a hold or a sell???

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it's obvious now that BTC is going to crash any moment, what about alts though?

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Diamond hands. That's why. Also, I apologize for buying. Legit market moves the opposite way as me. Only way GME will moon now is if I sell

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Yep. Lots of fraud and lots of contract workers spamming in social medias. In the end, their ass is grass

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Dude I was here too when chainlink was at .2 cents. Fucking depressing

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You're priced out of bitcoin. Dollar cost average ETH. Your last hope. You can also dollar cost average DOT.
You need ONE coin to focus on when you don't have a stack imo.

Or idk.. if you want to gamble, maybe buy some shills from big youtubers and dca between 2 coinsonly.

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it is an IQ test and you failed it :). Hedgies are bleeding from their assholes with over 100% shorts still. Paying billions in interest. They will never recover. Death to you and your masters.

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let's hypothetically say that my friend is a 2nd world student from a mid-class family that has 6.000.000$ in crypto after fucking around for few years mostly duo to pure luck
that would potentially be a life-changing amount of money for him that he'd probably never be able to reach normally, what should he do with it?
selling everything seems like a waste, would make futher huge gains impossible and would surely attract some attention, not mentioning the fact that 23% of that would be taxed
but at the same time he's nervous that if somehow shit goes down, he'd lose everything and be back to square one, with a life-time opportunity wasted
how would one make sure that his future is set without the money just rotting away on bank account?
purely theoretical question

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yeah only really small amounts
nice. but probably overkill for my use but thanks anyway

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i really want to shill you a good project, no pajeet shit and you wouldnt buy the top because its down af
but the upside potential is really noice
so when to post and inform my /biz/ frens

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into which shitcoin can i dump 1k into, forget about it and take my 100x in a year?

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Only choice is number 2. Got another $2000 lined up but now I have no clue when to pull the trigger. I'm so bad at timing buys :(

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That's how it be

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This can be a rough place fren, but don't take anything personally.

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I hope you boys aren't buying INTC.

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Be strong fren, many of us struggle.

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hi fren

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my fren

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