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it's obvious he started cryptoleaks. It was originally used to scapegoat his VC buddies who dumped ICP to oblivion by blaming FTX, but later it became a site dedicated to fudding AVAX.

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They have their own bias and agenda on top of that.

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Imagine if any other crypto founder was caught moonlighting as a 'journalist' writing exclusively fud against their rivals, in this case SOL and AVAX. Lucky for Dom that ICP holders are a cult and no amount of evidence can pierce their fucked up brains.

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it fits his M.O. he's always been an insecure faggot, that's why instead of fixing his own shit he creates a site dedicated to blaming ICP's failure on bogeymen.

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Do you think asking us to post the receipts more often is going to help your arguments or your shitcoin? kek

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>pretending that cryptoleaks is a pro-ICP yellow journalism blog being run by Dom Williams and his pet norwegian fixer Christian Agers-Hanssen isn't common knowledge

In any event, the hit piece is fucking retarded and totally neglects the fact that the bridge is not a mixer as the same user address is used on both sides of the bridge. Using SGX/secure enclave hardware has nothing to do with code operation being "secret" or enabling mixers. Meanwhile ICP already has it's own version of Tornado Cash and yet still requires KYC for their own lock and mint BTC bridge kek

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It's pretty obvious that Dom runs crypto-leaks himself given the timing of articles and site creation, pic related.
Ager-Hanssen, the Norwegian, is actually a long-time BSV holder, a "Craig Wright is Satoshi" believer, and a fixer for CSW and Calvin Ayre so it's likely he went after Kyle Roche specifically because Roche was suing CSW at the time. Also after the secret footage was taken he was later appointed CEO of Nchain, one of Craig Wright’s company that develops BSV. So anyways, this Norwegian gave cryptoleaks the videos while not knowing it was an ICP shill site run by Dom who then proceeded to heavily edit the footage and spin it into anti-Avalanche fud.

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Dom is a envious faggot that spends his spare time fudding more successful projects. ICP baggies join in because they all ride Dom's cock and are happy to have a scapegoat for their poor investment decisions.

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