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>Muh external data sources
> Muh APIs

Why can't a blockchain simply take in MULTIPLE APIs and data sources IN DIRECTLY.

Then do =AVERAGE()

Why the f do we need Link?

I understand why we need, to have multiple input data sources, in order to validity data and have it decentralised,.

But why cant the blockchain take those APIS directly?

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Where are ALL the Bitcoin Source software? I can see and download the core versions, but I want to find and know about the old 2011 versions etc

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Stop shilling this shit to newfags, it's just mean. Before I realized how little oracles were worth and I could've just bought ETH I bought this myself. We could work together and help each other out to make good investments, instead you fucks would rather push this shit even after it disappointed post ICO months ago.

tldr fuck you
this is why the jews won, they have nepotism while you fags enjoy screwing people over. we should come together more, no homo

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hope you anons are still accumulating

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when are you boomers finally going to buy a 1k stack of Chainlink as suicide insurance?
If it fails, youre down 1k USD and its not going to affect your life at all.
But the speculative nature of this project is too good of an opportunity to pass up. Its hard to argue that 1K of your money is not worth the risk/reward ratio.

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that are not invested in Chainlink
Show yourself no linkers.

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Whic max price could LINK reach (if it succeed in the next years) in relationship to the supply? 5-10$

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I'd take the 2 million, then all in on LINK and become the richest man in history and the new ruler of the world after the singularity

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Remind that the news today about Fidelity Labs announcing crypto trading platform is incredibly bullish for Chainlink.


CTRL+F that article for "Tom Jessop" and you'll see that the person leading the Fidelity Digital Asset platform is Tom Jessop, Who was the former president of Chain Inc.

Chainlink, Fidelity Labs, and Chain Inc can all be seen on the page of partners for the IC3 Initiative for Cryptocurrencies: https://www.initc3.org/partners.html

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I have nothing else in my life to look forward too.
Please moon.

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I wouldn't want to meet any of you biztards in person. Fucking pathetic incels.

Linkies are ok tho. I'm looking forward to our singularity party

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show yourself

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Fucking piece of shit.

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This is entirely your fault for refusing to shill to reddit. That's why Hillary lost, only markets to their own then gets mad that they lose.

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Why did all the Link propaganda fail to attract new buyers :( why did the shilling stop working

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I hear it over and over again. "ChainLink could take 2-3 years before real usage comes in. If you are not patient enough, you shouldn't buy"

This is complete bullshit. You can't time the market and tell the perfect buying point. Not the month or year of a bullrun or adoption phase of a specific coin.

Ethereum is in now way used by real people or real companys outside of crypto world yet, but had a run from 8$ to 1400$. Is it because they got their product finished? Did they have real world adoption now 000 tx a day?

So what I actually want to say with this is... ChainLinks bullrun will not come after everything is set up and in clear sight.

Now imagine what an network of oracles can do, which can utilized by any blockchain.. Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3. Everything thats going to be used by people and companys to implement smart contracts in their products and processes. Imagine what a network of oracle nodes can do that brings the whole (+96%) banking landscape via PSD2 into the reach of any blockchain platform and smart contracts. They dont have to setup their banking products onto the blockchain platform from scratch and they would never do that. With ChainLink they have a plug and play bridge, with the highest security (trustless, 100% uptime, completely tamperproof) you can imagine.

The runup always comes earlier than 90% of people think, and will reach higher than 99% of people think.

Ari Paul is a smart guy. But the video thats going aroung on twitter and discord of him saying ChainLink would'nt be interesting for now because customers are +6 month away is laughable.

All the experts in the crypto field liek Nick Szabo, Gavin, Andreas A. are endorsing ChainLink and calling it already the decentralized oracle standard. They would'nt write a single word into their book if it's just some startup which is trying.. Not the meme is calling ChainLink the future standard oracle product.. the blockchain pioneers do.

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Where is the guy who sold his stack of 213k a few days ago saying link was going to sub 20?


Some archive this in years to come. Could this be worse than Bitcoin Pizza man

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LINK will become 1000 billion company & be ruling the blockchain world for years to come.

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