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Mobile, so might be different ID. I start with the utility of smart contracts by giving an example of an insurance payout that the insurer doesn't wan't to give so they drag you through court, but with smartcontracts the contract self executes if the parameters are filled saving all of that time and money, coupled with efficiency it has massive potential to replace many of the worlds contracts. It hasn't been adopted yet because there hasn't been a good way to get data to and from the real world on to the digital contract, having a centralized way to move that data is too risky and won't be adopted because it is a single point that can be attacked and disrupt the contract. Chainlink is the only one working on that problem, they are building a decentralized network so it doesn't have the single point of failure problem. I equate it to buying oil when everyone is just learning about Henry Ford. That's the gist of it. I've been told people get like 20% of what I'm saying, its usually because they're not particularly interested and don't know anything about crypto to begin with. Good luck friend, I also usually provide them with youtube links if they're interested. One explaining the blockchain, another on smartcontracts(better than I can explain) and a link to the chainlink faq. Hope it helps you convince someone.
Thanks buddy.

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Yeah lol, I remember all of these. Glad to be all in link since 2017 with iron hands. A zillion shitcoins come and go, some people make a killing but timing the market is all luck, seems like 9 out of 10 bizrealites eat shit on their trades.

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