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if people were losing why would they post pink wojaks haha are you crazy they are just joking

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Reminder that ANS/NEO was actually the coin that brought us Pink Wojack, the best /biz/ meme

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I sent some bitcoin to an address with a really tiny fee. Is my thing going to be stuck in transaction hell forever because of this?

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My sharpie is ready

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>tfw bought 12 nmr at $160
>sold at $9
>not even memeing

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>bought at 3800


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>6 btc but itll go back up..

You got justed man, how are you so calm?

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>bcpt goes 4x
>I was right too early again

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>tfw hovering between 95k and 105k for the last week

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>knew correction was coming
>bought in anyway
>didn't pull out at 2% loss
>at over 6% loss now
>could have pulled out and rebought
>despite knowing it was going to happen
I guess I'll just hold really, it'll go back eventually

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Which crypto site do you use the most often? Do you use specific websites for specific currencies?

After following the scene for a while, I finally have cash to spare. What would you guys recommend for a newfag jumping right into the saddle

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Will I make it with 101 LTC?

Been accumulating since sub-$20

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No longer do people simply dismiss Bitcoin as internet money or worthless, no longer do people argue against the rationality of Bitcoin as a store of value or laugh at people for buying Bitcoin/crypto. The word "Bitcoin" is now familiar to most people, and there's one thing that everyone has in common:

>your family are a bunch of salty nocoiners
>your friends are salty nocoiners
>your coworkers are salty nocoiners
>the news media are all salty nocoiners
>the banks are salty nocoiners
>the traders are salty nocoiners
>the government is full of salty nocoiners
>the whole entire world is full of salty nocoiners

We are approaching a singularity where quite literally 1% of the population are coiners and the other 99% salty nocoiners. The doubters have all converted into haters during these most recent gains especially, and knowledge of Bitcoin at minimum is approaching "common". Everyone secretly wants in, but they are still trying their best to keep up appearances and keep doubting. I can't count the number of times that someone has told me that Bitcoin will crash or that it's a tulip bubble in recent days. All the time talking about how they wish they had bought in during the past years.

These observations have me convinced that crypto still has a long way to go. More and more haters will finally stop being salty nocoiners and realize the only way to win is to stop bitching and jump in. What happens when 10% of the population dabbles in crypto? 25%? 50%? It's hard to imagine.

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btw My total capital is 14K
The unrealized+realized loss is about 3.5K

So it's a rather big move :-)

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Cmon OP, look, i've posted near half of all the replies here, at least i deserve this BTC.

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Im waiting for the dip to buy back but its not coming.
Am I going to miss out on BTC @10k?
I just want $4k back and I will have gained so much, but it does not look that way right now.

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So it's a safe short r-right guys?

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How were these coins chosen? Was it just the top 10 coins at the moment by total market cap? I would like to try a very similar project.

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I started with £3k not long ago
it fluctuates between £2600 and £2100

I keep seeing new coins that could moon such as NEBL or LINK (if I ever work out what its for)
should I sell my bags at a loss and gamble on a potential 10x coin
or should I just be patient because I'm a noob and come back in a few months

should I buy the dip?
or put money into new coins like NEBL, ICON and LINK?

I know it's not that bad but I'd still appreciate advice

thanks anons

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>tfw only multi billionaire

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