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So where’s the halving?

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When is the halving sirs?
What coins to accumulate sirs?

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I buy more or sell my crypto from 2020?

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Please never post again. You killed my brain cells. That's not okay

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I'm not sure but he probably went and had a lot of sex.

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They can use Sora to make all the porn they want. they are cooming gallons and gallons of cum, frying their dopamine receptors beyond repair.
And with their Apple vision pro they never have to leave that world. They can just literally live in it.
Also, short Disney, Pixar, actors, actresses, stunt doubles, musicians. any career in entertainment is officially dead.

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bad bot

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Realistically as long as you have a home that's fully paid off, you should be good. In other words most people are priced out (but the dumbass ones will have kids regardless).

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Are they retarded? Elon won't forget this and will never lowkey shill it ever again. Bearish

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>jan 3rd
You actually think I'm falling for this?
But yes I know nigger gensler will release some faggot fud to crash btc one more time

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You need at least 1k. You then throw it at dogbat bnb and hope bnb has another run during the bull.

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My parents ruined my life by telling me not to get a gf in high school. Fucking niggers

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wtf is going on

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Where is the new FTX CEO?

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we need sub categories on /biz/. For example, one is for cryptocurrencies, another one for stocks, and last one for pump and dump telegrams projects (pajeets tokens).

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Bot posts/copy pastas as well as most of the thread. What the fuck are the Jannies even doing?

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Deliver the package.

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without selling my body?

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>board is euphoric
this should be a big signal to you all
If you don’t see it, then that’s that

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One night while sleeping, I dreamed of this beautiful news reporter with fantastic tits saying that bitcoin reached an all-time high of as much as a couple million and reached mainstream attention.

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