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Let me guess
>larping as a negro
>only fucked by xis uncle at age 4
>currently in Tel Aviv
Yeah, you just shitpost and enjoy being a shill. We let you real dysgenic abominations keep serving archons, it will surely end up well for you.

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Are you guys starting to distribute some "i told you so" here and there on biz?
Shitcoins are crashing, stonks are crashing, fiat is crashing,... everything is crashing but us. Just like we warned them it would happen.

All we wanted was to help them, but they mocked our shinies instead. I think we really deserve to act smug for once frens!

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>Its a lose lose position for the entire global financial system
That's what i love so much with silver : we can only win no matter the outcome.
>financial collapse shitstorm : silver go up
>everthing is fine and we enter the 4th industrial revolution : silver go up

The only issue i currently have with silver is my wife. I'm so happy with my stack that i start to look like a smug froggy mofo at home, and i'm pretty sure the harpy smelled something' fishy.
I didn't tell (((her))) about my silver purchases, and i'm remote working while she still go to her workplace so it was easy to get discreet deliveries. But if the succubus learn that i spent 30K on shinies she'll go full talmud and try to know where i did hide it all. I need to behave normally but it's so hard man, i've boners who last all nights, each time i think of my stack i start to jiggle like a high school maiden about to get dicked,...

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>that you can’t eat since it isn’t as tasty as stonks, bonds, crypto and real estate
>he doesn't have a homemade eternal lollipop made out of a 999 pure silver coin taped onto a stick he suck on after each meal to kill germs and bacterias in his mouth and keep a lasting fresh breath

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I am a very high IQ who can predict the future, and let me tell you this : your dinosaur coin backed by nothing will gradually go down to it's true value : $0.
It will start with the tether pump machine and various stablecoins being ruled illegal.
Then it will continue as the tech is so outdated, so slow and fees get so high it's getting cheaper to ship literal fucking gold coins via insured mails.
Then it will truly bottom when btc platform exchanges are ruled illegal because considered unfair competition to CBDCs.
Then you will suddently understand this whole scam was propped up by the NSA to push adoption of a cashless society and help them finance their black projects.
That's when you'll kys.

>imagine you think you can beat the central bankers at their own games

Remember : $0.

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Be patient
It's coming

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Didn't read; never selling my gold

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You had [arbitrary number] years anon!

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We need crying pink JPMojaks handing out silver bars to smug /pmg/ Apus. This would make a very nice meme

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>It would not surprise me if they bold face lied through their teeth about inflation being sub 3% even as every asset under the sun soars.
Of course it shouldn't, because that's exactly what they do since the 90's.
And technically they aren't lying, they just remove everything from the household medium basket of products who see price increase.
>bread and meat goes up? oust this shit, ppl can feed on carrots :^)
>electricity and gas goes up? oust this shit, ppl can technically use candles and walk :^)
>rents goes up? oust this shit, ppl can technically live under a tent :^)
>CD-Roms are going down? quick, add them to the median basket, the rolling stones' best of are vital to americans
>You see? Inflation's going down goyim!!

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>always the same fudder with the same pasta and same fake news video proved to be wrong dozens times
Even the banks themselves admitted manipulating the prices during court hearing under oath, you cock gobbling niggeroid faggot.

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>why do the goyim keep asking for money oy vey!
>if you are here to make a wage you better fuck off, i take my share first, then if there is anything left i can or cannot decide to give you some crumbs lmao
>love my (((company))) more than your kids, goyim!
The level of delusions from the kikes is pretty funny sometimes.

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What's up with the army of shlomos fudding silver since a week?

Frog reporting in, it's even worse here, ofc all the shops are sold out since weeks but the cheapest 1oz coins you can find on ebay.fr (usually either maple or phily) are starting around 29-30€.
Normie frens who never were interested about acquiring PM before start to msg me to know how to proceed to get some silver lol. My only answer is always the same
>you should have listened bro, it's too late now
110% smugness

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>blogpost her drama qween shit on biz for boohoocoins
>trashtalk apu
you are a stupid nigress and i wish you payed for the ticket before getting ghosted
now post melons or gtfo

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Fucking perfect, i wanted to get a bigger stack but prices were too high for my tastes.

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Good choice anon. You’ll be happy next week - Korea Blockchain week is gonna show sexy things

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Oh.. I already can predict the future. So many bizfags are gonna fomo in. They should’ve bought into UOS cheap

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I want a Tesla after flipping my Coti bag

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