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You say this same line every 3 days or so, Anya.

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Snails are disgusting slimy creatures that are generally toxic to eat, NOT CUTE.

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You don't even own bitcoin, you are all into meme coin gambling and failed previous cycle alts

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>This is a big week!
You said that last week Anya, and nothing happened.

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No he's not, its post halving, and Bitcoin is still going down.
If its still going down after the halving, that means the snail is weaker than ever.

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They don't need to buy Bitcoin to do this you brainless Mumu because:

1. They already have billions in Bitcoin confiscated from Silk Road and other places over the years.

2. They can bribe a miner or another entity that has Bitcoin to do the money burning attack.

Sure maybe in the long run Bitcoin will go up in price due to this money burning attack, but it will be too late because Bitcoin would've been made useless for months or years.

You don't need to do this perpetually to kill Bitcoin, you just need to shut down the network for a few months.

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You have spent your money on something called Bitcoin. Bit. Coin.

I want you to take your time and reflect on that for a minute.

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It's all so tiresome

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Just a minor higher low? Was it algos which measure the speed of a bounce and the second derivative?

It was literally out of fucking nowhere without any particular reason.

Now it definitely looks like FOMOing in, but by whom? Algos?

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Only 9,093 days or 24.91 years left to go.

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>t. Mumus high on hopium
Look at how far below Bitcoin is on your projected line.
You coping faggots always readjust your chart to make the actual price match your projected line, hoping no one notices.

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This is obviously an exit pump after printing billions of fake money (tether) last week

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Altseason comes after Bitcoin retard.

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You're late snail man, a bunch of imposters have already snail posted for you.

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On Twitter and reddit its sadness but encouragement for him for his new future
On /biz/ it's racist chud incels who are using every slur in the book. What is wrong with you people?

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Man, not a single reply. I remember back then when every bobo thread gave you a lot of (you)s.
This board is dead and only used to spam LINK threads. A pity

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has a point tho

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what is market manipulation

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uhmm.. bobros ??

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What entity wants Bitcoin stable at $23000?
and why?

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Jokes aside, Bitcoin still needs to correct a little.
+37% in a couple of weeks is not healthy
Im not talking about 16k or something, but it needs to correct to 19500 or 200000

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>same filename
>same thread
You have been posting this thread non stop for 8 days in a row over and over again. It's not even trolling, your life must suck, get out touch grass.
Also check the price.

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