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Too based for this thread.

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Giftgas for you.

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I don't think so, because they now fear 'incels'. Women go for one thing and one thing only in men STATUS. Status is deduced from lots of proxies like wealth, looks, height, job etc but ultimately through all these women are looking for standing in the social hierarchy. It's why a man with a girlfriend instantly gains a few points attractiveness to any girl, he has been shown to be desired by another woman.

In the modern world the network of where someone desirable stands and what other girls think of them has been substantially replaced by media. So now whoever is in all the films, billboards and buzzfeed articles shown as the 'desirable thing' impacts on women's daily preferences. It's not some bottom down, organic thing and i think there's enough evidence for manipulation there. So your browns and blacks who routinely come out as objectively less attractive on physical studies, have worse jobs, lower intelligence and are more violent suddenly have the full brunt of media on their side pushing them as HIGH STATUS. DESIRABLE and ABOVE OTHERS in social ranking.

The only good thing about this manipulation is it essentially selects the women most susceptible to social pressures out of the white gene pool.

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The jew vs jew war on tv yesterday was gold.

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There's intended and unintended consequences of central banks, maybe hundreds of years ago they were created explicitly for protecting the public and banks from each other, but their role has evolved and now I think they have significantly overreached and their main goal is manipulating the economy (they would call it "smoothing").

Just like the federal government of today has vastly overstepped its initial purpose, so have the central banks. And call me a cynic but there's a lot of factors that suggest there are powerful people who profit from this overreach.

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t. german homobrigade

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random pic from my merchant folder

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