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I remember I got tipped like 50k doge for posting on some faggoty board somewhere back in 2014

I didn't even redeem it

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>Going back to last weeks lows.
Guess I'll be drinking tonight.

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just ordered 62oz more in coins

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Fine I averaged up my PLTR stack, still pissed I missed yesterday's dump.

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I'm holding 900 shares of Palantir...

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InfoSec management/governance guy.
250 only; can't invest more because need fiat to buy a house.

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I wonder if the whole Kearns RH lawsuit is going to restrict options for normalfags. It is a bit ridiculous that you can just select "experienced trader" and start doing spreads and shit. Either way, bad for the broader market. If more deaths ramp up it'll be inevitable though

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bros.. ive been browsing since 09 so ive seen some shit but that vid of the neighbors was on so simple yet raw and unreal cant get it out my head

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Thanks bud

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>el no sabe

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OK, I'm just a retarded stonker, can someone spoonfeed me worthwhile tokens
>in b4 linkies
>in b4 currycoin
>in b4 "go back"

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why is everybody selling?

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so are we holding GME till next week even if it goes up big today?

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I sold Tuesday after buying in November, I hope all the meme stocks go to zero today just to see all the tourists and normalfags cry

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You realize you're still early for DOGE right? This is your chance to make it finally.

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bought 10k but RH just left my order in limbo kek

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Antifa schisser sind kontrollierte opposition

nur für den fall dass das nicht schon lange klar war.
Wie soll es auch anders sein, wenn die sechs monate in portland randalieren können und kein schwanz schert sich einen pfifferling drum, aber ein einziger aufmarsch von halbretardierten trump autisten reicht um das gesamte establishment auf den plan zu rufen.

Es ist genau wie Yuri Bezmenoz es sagte:
Linke sind politische Prostituierte.
Du blechst sie wenn du sie brauchst und sie machen dir jeden scheiß mit.

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I sold this morning, too much downside. With RH limiting trades whos buying? The only people left were normalfags, they got us anon.

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Sour hour seems to have started early

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One time I smoked tobacco and salvia out of a gravity bong and that was a bad thing to do so don’t do it.

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>everthing in my portfolio is crabbing at 1% below where I bought

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Despite the chaos today, I finished almost exactly where I left off. Not sure how to feel about this.

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I'm never selling my Plantir

simple as.

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