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1. to keep treasury bond yields low so that the federal government can borrow more and more money without going bankrup
2. to keep interest rates in the pleb economy just low enough so we don't get mass unemployment because of zombie (unprofitable) companies failing
3. to keep stonks and real estate prices high so that wall street banks and pension funds don't go belly up

None of it actually helps because it is artificial and debt-driven. We're headed for an economic meltdown that rivals the Great Depression

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I just want what my Boomer parents had: a small comfy house with a nice garden, a decent but not extravagant car and enough spare change to not worry about daily expenses.
Apparently if you have enough money to afford all these things nowadays you're considered rich, so there.

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I'm not praising them. I'm rejoicing at the fact that their stupid actions are bringing this corrupt union down.
are you German too?

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